Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Finally 15

Hello Everyone!!
Hope y'alls week is going amazing! Mine has been filled with sleeping in, ice cream, and twitter. Haha.

So yesterday I didn't blog because it was my birthday and yeah...hey, dont judge me-_-

Yesterday I woke up around 9 and was obviously super excited that it was finally my bday!! A couple friends, my aunt and cousin, my mom, and I all went to Downtown Chicago to the Lincoln Park zoo!!! It was amazing and I couldn't of asked for more beautiful weather :) here are some pics:

 Overall, it was a pretty awesome day...

Today was Wednesday. HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!
Started off the day with gettin up pretty late, and going with my mom and grandpa to the store and pick him up some lunch:) after we dropped him off, mom and I went to get some mcdonalds and the go to TARGET. TARGET IS AMAZING, THAT PLACE MAKES ME SOOOOOO HAPPY. Thankyou Grandma for the bday giftcard!!!!!!!! I just got some makeup and nail polish(typical) lol.
Then I came home and took a nap, because you know i'm an eighty-year-old women and then went to church. AND THE HAWKS WON so everything is good:) alrighty, see ya tomorrow(?)

~Simply Sears

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