Friday, May 29, 2015




Ugh, I cannot tell how good it feels to be done. Done with school: homework, waking up at 5(actually 6, I was late to school a lot), tests, classrooms, and finals! YAY. DONE.

Today was the day of the last final, and then we have these fifteen minute periods of our whole schedule afterwards...

English- a lot of passing back papers and just talking to my friends:) got a 90 on the final, btw
Algebra- MS.CLARK. I am going to miss that women! She was so awesome to talk to her. I hugged her and thanked her for everything. I got an 89 on that one though.
Biology- It was just dumb because we've had a substitute since our teacher went out on maternity leave, but its all good. we were just on our phones the whole time, We(my friends) played "Would you Rather?" We concluded that you find out a lot about people through that game. haha
Lunch-didnt eat thats forsure
Choir-playing "heads-up with the choir fam
Spanish- saying bye to ms. Masters and taking a lot of pictures:)

Then we were FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! haha. I was so excited!!!

Ah, freshman year wasn't bad and had some really awesome moments. It went super fast ad I really can't believe its over. Everyone have an amazing summer and I'll see you soon!

Here are some pics from today:

~Simply Sears.

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