Friday, June 12, 2015

Stressed For Literally no Reason

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!! It's the weekend, even though everyday feels like the weekend in summer, which hey! I'm not complaining. This week went pretty fast, and to be honest, I felt very stressed which I have no clue why? I just have this issue with overthinking a lot of stuff. like, a lot. I'll just have one thing I'm thinking about and then it evolves into like my whole life and future and what am I gonna do with my life and yeah, I have an issue...

So today, I got up at a reasonable time(tbh, I have no idea what time) and went with my mom to Potbelly, the dollar store, and TJ Max. I LOVE TJ-Max. That place has such good deals!! I got a really nice leather purse that I am super pumped about..

So the rest of my day was pretty relaxed with a nice bike ride, some Dairy Queen and some beef stew. Yum! Ugh, I need to workout. I'm so sorry to cut this short especially since its been so long but I'm gonna go get ready for bed :) Have an AMAZING weekend!!!!!!!!!!

~Simply Sears

Friday, June 5, 2015

Just Do It

Hello Everybody!! HAPPY FRIDAY! Finally the weekend!

Soooooo...yesterday I went with my aunt and cousin to the beach and I may or may not have put on enough sunscreen. I AM SO BURNT. Ugh, my face looks like a tomato. And my body is so sore, especially my shoulders. Hey, but hopefully it will turn into a nice tan instead of the vampire ghost color that is my normal skin. lol

Last night I slept over at their house and boy was I worn out! Swimming is so much fun but it sure does tucker you out...Anyhow, I slept really good last night.

Today was a pretty chill day, my cousin and I just hung out at her house because my aunt was visiting her mom. We watched a lot of youtube videos on makeup tutorials and walked to McDonalds. My blood sugar was actually cooperating today!!

Okay, so...I've been having this war within myself lately. Like I just feel like I haven't been doing enough with regards to diabetes. And the fact is, I don't even know what the standard is for being a "good diabetic". Is there even one? I just have this day-to-day contemplation within myself of, "Am I doing enough". Am I checking my blood sugar enough? Am I correcting/calculating carbs accurately enough? Idk. I just feel as if I'm not doing the best job I could be. And the matter of the fact is, I need to be. Yes, its hard, yes its a whole boatload of work, but I have to do it. I need to get better at this. It's my life. I have to do this to stay alive. what am I thinking? My doctors appointment is July 12th and the truth is at the point I'm at right now, I don't think my endo is gonna be pleased.

Okay, so that was a bunch of confusing garbage, but base line, I need to find the motivation to take better care of myself, My diet, exercise, and management all need to improve and I just have to do it. 

Sorry for all the deep stuff, but have an AMAZING WEEKEND! TALK TO YOU SOON!
~Simply Sears.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Finally 15

Hello Everyone!!
Hope y'alls week is going amazing! Mine has been filled with sleeping in, ice cream, and twitter. Haha.

So yesterday I didn't blog because it was my birthday and yeah...hey, dont judge me-_-

Yesterday I woke up around 9 and was obviously super excited that it was finally my bday!! A couple friends, my aunt and cousin, my mom, and I all went to Downtown Chicago to the Lincoln Park zoo!!! It was amazing and I couldn't of asked for more beautiful weather :) here are some pics:

 Overall, it was a pretty awesome day...

Today was Wednesday. HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!
Started off the day with gettin up pretty late, and going with my mom and grandpa to the store and pick him up some lunch:) after we dropped him off, mom and I went to get some mcdonalds and the go to TARGET. TARGET IS AMAZING, THAT PLACE MAKES ME SOOOOOO HAPPY. Thankyou Grandma for the bday giftcard!!!!!!!! I just got some makeup and nail polish(typical) lol.
Then I came home and took a nap, because you know i'm an eighty-year-old women and then went to church. AND THE HAWKS WON so everything is good:) alrighty, see ya tomorrow(?)

~Simply Sears