Thursday, April 30, 2015




I'm not sure why, they're just awesome. I always get the question, "Why Thursday? Why not Friday or Saturday?". I always answer that with yes of course I like Saturdays, and Fridays are okay, the only issue is that people are always tired on Fridays and they're ready to just be done. Thursdays are great because you have Friday to look forward to, and you get to plan out your weekend and there's me rambling about Thursday:)

This morning scared me soo bad...I was sitting in English class(1st period) and we had just finished taking our book/reading quiz. By the way, I think I actually did okay on it! Anyhow, we were just sitting there working on stuff, when all out of nowhere, the lights just shut off. My heart started beating so fast. The thing that made us nervous was that not all of the power had gone off, just the lights. The digital clocks and heaters were all still in full function, so we were like, "This is just awesome. This is how we go. There is a murderer in this school and we are all going to die." I am literally the absolutely WORST person during lock-downs. I completely flip out and get so scared!!!! It usually ends with my sweating, hanging on to one of my friends, curled up in a fetal position, and having either really low or high blood sugar caused by complete and utter stress. Moral of the story: stay away from me during life threatening situations!!! 

I'm almost a hundred percent positive that I failed my bio rat practical. Everything was so confusing about be fair, everyone thinks they failed. Even the overachievers were all like, "uh-oh". I still haven't found out what choir I made it into for next year, my ultimate goal is Concert choir. They are just all so passionate and focused and beautiful and I just really wanna be in there. But I won't, most likely...

During choir, I had some crazy mood swings, I went from being SUPER hyper, to really tired, to SUPER HYPER all over again...It was a weird class period...\

I've discovered my new favorite Spanish word: means peanut and if you don't know how to pronounce it go look right now because it's the funnest(i KNOW THAT'S NOT A WORD STOP JUDGING ME!)word ever to say and once you start you will never stop saying it..

I just wanna say how incredibly grateful I already am for this blog, its given me a place to put(actually, vent)my feelings and I DON'T KNOW ITS JUST SO COOL!!!!!!

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!!! NO SCHOOL!! Heading down to Springfield tomorrow!!!

Thankyou and have an amazing night!!

~Simply Sears.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Good Day...

Hello Everyone!!!!!!

I hope your day was amazing, I know mine was!!!

I was up at about 1:00 AM last night feeling very shaky from not eating BG(blood glucose) wasn't low-it was 115-but I have been so high lately that it felt like I was 42. I hate that feeling. That loss of control over your body. Having low blood sugar suddenly takes away every ounce of energy your body possesses and leaves you shaky, sweaty, and 100% exhausted. I went back to bed feeling much better with a peanut butter sandwich in my tummy :) *Note-To-Self*: Don't skip dinner...

I had a great day at school. In Biology we are dissecting a rat!! SUPER FUN *sarcastic voice*
Tomorrow is the practical-where you have to pinpoint the different parts of it and tell the functions of certain organs-and I'm almost positive I am going to fail..but that's okay:) A close friend said to me today that we do our part by studying and then we have to let God do his part and trust whatever his will is..

During study hall today some students came in and handed us a small piece of paper. On it, it asked us to define what beauty meant to us. I thought this was so awesome! They are going to hang them in the hallways of the school, which is so amazing! I put(not word for word) that beauty is an attitude, a way of life. When you stop focusing on all of the negative things about yourself and realize that God made you in the image of HIM,  you discover that you are perfect, flawless. When you have a positive outlook on life and you stop focusing on everything bad about everything and start focusing on the beautiful things, the things that really matter. YOU are drop dead gorgeous.

At the end of every month, the youth group at my church goes to this nursing home and we all sing/play our instruments for the elderly. Its very fun and fulfilling and ya never know what your gonna see..Tonight an old man was telling my friend about his wife and how they met Senior year and how they had been married for 65 years. Its stories like these that give you the chills over how sweet and perfect they are<3333

I need to tell you about a new discovery. The new love of my life...

It's the Dunkin Donuts Cookie Dough Iced Coffee(with cream and sugar, of course)!!!!
This drink is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING...YOU NEED TO TRY IT. If you haven't, well, lets just say you need to... Ugh, its perfect.

Tomorrow is Thurday!!!! NO SCHOOL FRIDAY!!! MAKE IT AMAZING(Tomorrow, that is)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodnight beautiful people,

Simply Sears.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

You never know...

Today was such a beautiful day. A little chilly, but nothing that couldn't be fixed by a light jean jacket:)

This morning I got up later than I have all week. That moment when your in the perfect, most comfortable position in your bed, and you don't want to ruin that by moving one muscle, but your alarm keeps screaming at you, so your forced to break that perfect moment by getting up. 

On the way to school, mom and I realized that our normal route to school was closed. We couldn't imagine why, after all we didn't see any piled up cars or bursting pipes. When I arrived at school, I soon found out that it was a fatal motorcycle accident that had caused two deaths. I remember laying in bed hearing the sound of that very same motorcycle speeding past my house several times, then minutes later actually hearing the emergency vehicles rushing to the scene. I just hadn't put two and two together until this morning...

Hearing about the families of these two people, just makes you realize how you can die in an instant. Are you ready? Do you know where you'd go? Reminding myself of God's wonderful grace, and his amazing gift of salvation makes me think about how we never know when we'll go, when we'll cross that threshold into eternity. The families of these people will be in my prayers, and I hope your too.

The rest of my day was great, I got one wrong on my Spanish test, one. Why couldn't it of been three or four, but one? I hate that feeling of, "UH, if I had just gotten that ONE question!", but I should be grateful it was only one:)

Tommorrow is HUMP DAYYYYY!!!! Make it awesome!!!

~Simply Sears.

Harder Than It Seems..

So I am very sorry about all of the confusion, but this is now the official blog website(Lord-willing).

I had to change to this one because on, you had to create an account in order to "follow" a blog. But I think this one works... Thankyou for understanding and please bear with me as I am completely new to this whole thing :)

Have an amazing night!!

~Simply Sears.